What’s Happening?

As many people are aware the second presidential debate was recently held this past Sunday, October 9, 2016. For those that were not aware, well you didn’t miss much. Essentially all that happened was Donald Trump deflecting every question and redirecting them to Bill Clinton’s indiscretions (from over 20 years ago) as well as the problems we face with ISIS.

Mr. Trump equated his obscene comments about women to casual locker room talk, many male athletes have taken to Twitter expressing disbelief with his comments. Many of them stated that in all their time as adult athletes they’ve never heard anything remotely similar to the things Donald Trump calls “locker room talk.” Donald Trump’s staunch supporters don’t seem to find anything at all wrong with the fact that he said these things. His supporters are saying “who cares he’s saying what he wants he’s not censoring himself why is that such a bad thing?” His comments not only continue to perpetuate the rape culture in this country that many are attempting to fight but also degrade women. Women are not property meant to be man handled by whomever sees fit.

There are so many countries in the world where women are treated as property and its considered an awful, unbelievable thing that many people are appalled by yet, here we are in 2016 and Donald Trump says that because he’s a star the same consequences don’t apply to him.

We saw how Mr. Trump deflected all questions but let’s talk about Secretary Hillary Clinton’s performance.

She’s spent so many years in politics that I don’t think she knows how to reach the average voter. She’s over prepared for these debates. She’s facing someone that has become the King of one liner soundbites that are picked up by the press published and republished and that’s all anyone remembers. She continues to alienate the undecided voters that still have yet to decide whom they will vote for in November if they choose to vote at all. When the candidates were asked what they respect in one another although both gave compliments Trump was the only one that didn’t spin his own agenda, he answered the question while his opponent complimented her then turned it into another talking point.

So who won? Donald Trump? Hillary Clinton?

In my humble opinion I think America lost on Sunday.